Sunday, August 1, 2010

My niece and her little daughter were for a few days and we had a great time. My great niece is sooooo smart. She is 5 years old and reading at about a grade 4 level. She has a huge vocabulary. Made paper dolls with her on the Cricut. She couldn't wait to get to Saskatoon so she could make paper dolls. Told everyone she met at home that she was going to Saskatoon for that exact purpose.
Wilf took the train a week ago and travelled to Vancouver. He has always wanted to do that and finally got the oppotrtunity to do so. He also went to Victoria for a couple of days and visited with our friends there. Wasn't enough time to see everyone we know there, but had a great time. He will be home this morning. I forgot to send the camera with him so there won't be any pics to scrap there.
We spent two weekends ago helping our eldest grandson get his house ready for sale. His mom and dad and girlfriend were there as well. We spent a lot of hours, but the place looked awesome when we were done. We had such a nice time, not a lot of liesure time but it was great anyway. Lots of laughs.
Last weekend a friend and I went to Athabasca to help celebrate another friends 6oth bd. It was a really nice gathering. Got to see lots of her family whom I hadn't seen in quite a while.
Life has been extremly busy this summer, but thats good because the weather up till a few days ago has been the pits, so it has helped pass the summer in a most delightful way.

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