Friday, June 19, 2009

I did a make and take at JSI and learned how to do masks. The first one was done there. The second one I designed myself. I think they are way cool. If anyone is interested I can show you how to do them. It's a really cool way to design your own paper.
The first page is the acrylic cover and so it looks the same as the second page, the only difference is I put a camera rub-on on the acrylic. The first greenish page I designed myself with masks and ink. Wilf was very pleased with the book. I have one more page to do but had to wait until I could get a picture of him and Murray, which Murray is supposed to email to me. When I finish I will post the last page.

Over the past few days I have made a chipboard album with an acrylic cover for Wilf for Father's Day. I was over anxious and gave it to him already so I am posting pics of it. The album is 6 inches wide by 12 inches long.

My internet and email was down for over a week, so haven't had a chance to update the blog. We were at a Land Surveyors Convention at Elk Ridge last weekend and had a really good time. We shared a town house with Calvin and Leanne and Jamie and Rheanne from our office, we also hung out with Murray and Judy, another Saskatoon Land Surveyor and his wife, who we are friends with. The convention was in a beatiful spot and the company was great. Had a lot of good laughs. We arrived back home on Saturday afternoon and spent the weekend going to grandkids soccer and hockey. The season is winding down so have to cram in as much as possible.